Prayer – A Surge of the Heart (DVD) – Preparation for Heaven

Posted: 2014-04-10 10:36:45

Prayer A Surge of the Heart

If we are not praying in this life, how are we to acclimatise ourselves to heaven?

A short, inspiring film on the meaning and practice of prayer has recently been released by St Anthony Communications, drawn from interviews conducted at the 2013 Evangelium Conference with Bishop Mark Davies, Fr Marcus Holden, Fr Andrew Pinsent, Sr Mary Trinity, Joanna Bogle, Fr Stephen Brown and Sr Hyacinthe Defos Du Rau. With a running time of just 39 minutes, the DVD is an ideal introduction to prayer for use by individuals, parish groups, schools and families.

Finding time to pray can be difficult. Modern life is very busy with so many distractions at every turn and there’s always another job to be done. This inspiring presentation challenges us to make more time for God in our lives and highlights the importance of an ever-deepening life of prayer. It looks at the true meaning of prayer, the different types of prayer and how we can grow in our spiritual lives. The video addresses how to overcome difficulties and temptations, how to find inspiration in the lives of the saints, the centrality of the Holy Mass, and the ultimate goal of prayer.

Further information and ordering are available from St Anthony Communications